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BCLAW provides consultancy services mainly in the areas of business law, including mergers & acquisitions, competition, corporate law, telecommunications & IT, labor law, tax law, criminal business law, real estate, environmental law, commercial litigation & arbitration.


Our law firm offers a full range of corporate services, in particular: the establishment of all types of commercial law companies and other entities such as foundations, associations, branches and representative offices of foreign businesses (including banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions); the preparation of documents required by law and all documents necessary for the registration and operation of companies. Our attorneys are experienced in structuring and negotiating all types of sophisticated and complex strategic alliances, including joint ventures, partnership agreements, licensing agreements, manufacturing and distribution arrangements, and technology-sharing agreements.
We have been involved in structuring joint ventures in almost every field, including the automotive, energy, food distribution, health and emerging technologies industries.


Our attorneys have a broad range of experience in structuring, documenting, negotiating, and closing leveraged transactions. Having represented many lending institutions in investment financings, we can help to efficiently structure and document the complex debt and equity instruments employed in leveraged transactions. We offer comprehensive legal advice for companies preparing to become public companies within the meaning of the Law on Public Trading in Securities.

Private Equity

We are specialized in private equity sector being an active player in the CEE emergent markets, having a close relationship with top law firms specialized in project finance from Western Europe and United States, private equity funds, investment divisions of the European banks.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We offer assistance in transactions connected with mergers, spin-offs and restructuring.  Our M&A practice covers all types of domestic and cross-border transactions. We advise and assist in transactions which vary from small to large and from straightforward to complex. M&A transactions are quite often undertaken by our lawyers in close co-operation with foreign lawyers and other specialists, such as tax advisers, accountants and corporate finance consultants. Our clients include buyers and sellers, bidders, targets, both national and/or international companies.

Intellectual Property

BCLAW is recognized as a trusty provider of intellectual property (IP) services. With experienced lawyers we have integrated our IP capabilities to deliver an innovative lifecycle of IP services to protect and add value to our clients' IP assets. We provide the critically important services of securing patents and trademarks, providing product clearance and patent opinions, licensing and tech transfer agreements, and IP due diligence for corporate transactions. When and if those assets are in jeopardy, we handle the patent, trademark, and other IP enforcement proceedings using our skilled and experienced IP litigators. Our team develops IP management strategies that complement each client's overall competitive strategy.

BCLAW attorneys are committed to protecting our clients' trade identities and competitive advantage. We provide our clients with proactive counsel and manage an extensive portfolio on their behalf. We offer our clients a comprehensive array of trademark and related services, including: providing advertising and brand management counseling, preparing availability and infringement opinions, negotiating licensing agreements and programs.

Real Estate

Our firm is highly sought for guidance during negotiations, advising on potential risks and assisting our clients in dealing with technical and financial contingencies prior to, during and post purchase or sale of real estate.
We can advise on major real estate acquisitions on all aspects of financing and property management. Our work includes performing due diligence reports, drawing up documentation and applications for required permits necessary for the transfer of land to foreign investors. We also prepare all necessary land registry documentation on easements and rights of use, as well as mortgages or other securities that may be required.


In the area of commercial contracts, we offer services related to the preparation and provision of opinions on commercial transaction concepts and the preparation and negotiation of various types of commercial agreements, preliminary and conditional agreements as well as general terms of contract conclusion and performance. Our lawyers advise clients on any matters that are important when setting up and conducting a business in Romania, being appreciated for our creativity and knowledge in finding innovative legal solutions.

Banking & Project Finance

Our extensive banking practice includes for example: bank establishment or of other financial institutions, transactions assistance (including project financing) with participation of international and commercial finance institutions. In the past few years, our attorneys have seen a significant change in the financial and legal services marketplace, especially for attorneys structuring and documenting transactions for financial institutions. The transactions have become more complex and sophisticated. At the same time, technological innovations have substantially shortened the length of time in which transactions are expected to be documented and closed. We render legal assistance related to the preparation of internal documents for banking operations (manuals, procedures and regulations) as well as those related to banking outsourcing and banking secrecy issues.


Our services are focused to a great extent on issues related to labour law in a broad sense, including both individual and collective matters in employment relationships, as well as immigration and expatriation matters. We advise and act on behalf of small, medium-sized and large enterprises as well as managing directors and high-level employees. Our extensive experience in working together with foreign lawyers and Romanian and foreign tax advisors combined with our focus on our clients’ commercial needs ensures a complete solution to your business objectives.


We offer assistance and representation services in front of the public authorities (e.g. Government, Parliament) or professional unions connected to Antimonopoly & Competition or Regulated Markets matters.


Includes the court representation for our clients, as well as debt recovery assistance (including notification or negotiation phases). Our lawyers advise national and international companies on avoiding or initiating, as the case may be, legal court procedures.

Arbitration & Mediation

Our litigation practice comprises legal disputes with both a national and an international character. In addition we have broad experience and expertise in respect of national and international arbitration.
In this area we provide international arbitration services, as well as alternative dispute resolution.

EU law

Consultancy in the area of conducting business activities on the EU internal market observing EU regulations as regards free flow of goods, services and capital, European legal compliance, as well as legal services concerning financing and realising investments in accordance with EU procedures.


Our services are focused on international taxation, transfer pricing, value added tax, withholding taxes, corporate taxation, excises and customs duties, local taxes, individual taxation or assistance during the tax inspections. Providing advice from specialist tax lawyers and certified accountants, our tax consultancy services practice works closely with clients to provide sophisticated commercial tax advice. These advisory services include corporate transactional support for acquisitions and disposals, flotation and secondary issues, as well as structuring cross-border mergers, spin-offs or restructuring.


Valuation of the employee benefit provisions (IAS19) which allows predicting company’s future liabilities towards employees. We design unique solutions for our Clients, enabling to achieve notable financial results.




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